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RG Premium Range Colour Chart

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You can start to offer our extensive colour range to your clients.

For commercial use. Our new style of colour charts consist of more than 200 colours with number coded sample swatches for direct order simplicity.


Q&A Below.

Q: What other brand is your material comparable to?

A: "Hexis" "inozetek" "Teckwrap"

Q: What kind of glue do you have on your wraps?

A: Snap-up repositionable pressure activated. 

Q: How long does your material last?

A: Removal advised around 5 year mark

Q: Do you offer warranty on your goods?

A: Yes we offer warranty

 See: https://www.rgdaretochange.co.uk/resources

*Advice on comparable brands is merely advice according to the opinion of Daniel Bentley and does not constitute in any way a formal opinion of the company arjievinylsltd registered in the U.K, colour change vehicle wraps vary in composition and form and as such should be treated as different.